Self Catering On
The Isle Of Mull

Cragaig Beag – Tobermory

Self Catering On
The Isle Of Mull

Cragaig Beag

Welcome to Cragaig Beag

Welcome to Cragaig Beag

Spectacular Scottish island with stunning scenery and abundant wildlife.

Cragaig Beag, cozy self-catering cottage located on the beautiful Isle of Mull.
We hope you enjoy your stay and the stunning surroundings!

Modern Kitchen

Our guests enjoy a convenient, flexible, stylish, well-equipped kitchen for cooking.


Our spacious master bedroom includes an attached private bathroom for your convenience.


During your stay, you can access our complimentary wireless internet service at no cost.


Our self-catering cottage provides on-street parking, ensuring hassle-free parking for our guests.

What will you Discover?

Cragaig Beag – Tobermory

  • Beautiful natural scenery, including stunning coastlines, mountains, and forests.

  • Abundant wildlife, such as otters, eagles, whales, and dolphins.

  • Rich history and culture, including ancient ruins and traditional Scottish music.

  • Delicious local cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and produce.

  • Access to nearby islands, including Iona, Staffa, and the Treshnish Isles.

  • Outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, fishing, and kayaking.

  • Peaceful and tranquil environment, perfect for a relaxing getaway.

  • Friendly locals who are always eager to share their island’s treasures.